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listent to your drive

listen to your drive

If you notice that your PC is getting louder it is time to have it looked at. It could just be a fan which is starting to wear out, not that big of a deal. However if you hear a grinding clattering sound everytime your computer starts up or when you are transferring files then it may mean that your hard drive is getting worn out. They start to get louder over time. Most people totally ignore this sound and keep on computing, but you are headed down a bad road. Eventually that hard drive is going to give up, and you can lose some or all of your data if your not backing up. The next time you think about it have a listen to your computer when your working with data (transferring it from A to B or loading up pictures/videos to view) if you can hear that hard drive in there grinding, its time to get it replaced. Hard drives can run for 10+ years but here at PERFORMANCE PCs we recommend that you replace your drive no longer than every 5 years. Three years is a good safe mark to have them done. Not to mention having your data transferred to a faster/newer hard drive where it is no longer fragmented up will definitely increase the speed of your computer.