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Business Services

Maintenance Contracts

Keep your business running worry free with our scheduled visits to perform routine maintenance and updates to your systems and software before a problem strikes and if one does we will be there in under 3 hours.

Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
Do you have pop-ups? Is your machine running ultra slow? Do you get a different web page that you asked for? Any of those things could mean you have either a virus or some form of spyware/malware on your computer. In no time at all we can have your system taken to our shop and cleaned and then brought back to you. Most of the time it is done in the same day.

Windows XP Machine Overhauls
If you have Windows XP you may want to consider upgrading to a newer better more secure operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. We will go over with you what you need backed up on your current system and then we will take the system to the shop and get everything changed over for your so you will be up and running on a new operating system.


Remote Access Setup
Allows employees to work from anywhere in the world just like they were in the office. Have access to anyone of or all of your computers from a remote location all across a secure encrypted internet connection.


VPN Setup
Let us link your multiple offices so you can share files and printers as if you were all under one roof.


Custom Built Raid Servers
You don’t want all you data running on just any old computer that you have sitting around the office. You need to have you data being served from a dependable and fast raid server. We can build your business the server that you need. One that will have redundant data backup via a raid array. Multiple hard drives that constantly backup data in real time so if a drive fails the server doesn’t it keeps serving as if nothing happened at all. Custom built to your specifications so you don’t need to spend any more than you have to.


WordPress Web Design
Make your business stand out from the rest. We will build your business a website with the latest web creation tools that will make it stand out


Network Mapping
We will come out to your business and start from one end of your network and trace all routes and label what and where each connection is going. We will then draw up a detailed diagram of your existing network so that you know where everything connected to. This is very handy to have in the event of a network outage issue, rather than having to find what is where when there is an issue you have a handy diagram that will get your network back up and running 90% faster than if you didn’t have a network map.


Network Security Check
Is your network safe from hackers? Is your wireless secure? Is there a way that data can leak out without your knowledge. Performance PCs will come out and run a series of checks to determine that your network is a secure as possible and if we find that it isn’t we will make sure that when the job is done your network is as secure as a bomb shelter.


Network Troubleshooting and Repair
If you can’t reach the server or can’t access the internet you probably are having an issue with the network or a piece of hardware that controls the routing of your data. You might just have intermittent issues where it works some of the time and others it won’t work or the network is just plain slow at times. We can fix that too.